January 2021 Prayer Letter


Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Supporters,                                                                     January 10, 2021

We pray each of you have had a great start to the New Year here in 2021. As we closed out 2020, Karie and I were able to hand out several Christmas baskets in the Constanta area along with other essential items to be a blessing to those in need during the holiday season. Please pray for those that we reached during this time to be saved.

Upon my Pastors counsel, Karie and I have decided to take a furlough. We have prayed regarding this decision for some time. With having already been on the field for 2 ½ years we believed it was time to report back to some of our supporting Churches.

This furlough is also a time to rest some, spend time with our families and for doctor check-ups for both of us. We have not been able to get into the doctor for over a year now due to Covid restrictions in Romania. Both the hospitals and doctors are asking folks if it is not an emergency please do not come.

I have been out of thyroid medication for almost a year and this was what killed my Mother at the age of 44. I just turned 43 and have seen some health issues over the last year which is all related to the thyroid. We want to take this time to get things checked out before heading back to the field.

We arrived stateside this past Tuesday night ( 1/5/21 ). We were required to take a Covid test before flying and both of us passed. We look forward to being with our sending Church this morning and over the next few weeks. We would ask prayers for the upcoming doctor visits, for souls to be saved both in Romania and here in America as we continue to minister to people.

We thank each of you for your faithfulness in prayer for us, the people of Romania and in financial support for the work of the ministry. May the Lord continue to bless each of you in 2021.

Rick & Karie Beauchamp

Your Missionaries in Romania

Sending Church: Shepardsville Baptist Church * P.O. Box 68 * Shepardsville, IN 47880 * Pastor Brad Potter