March 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Supporters,         March 10th, 2021

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  – Romans 8:28

It has been an amazing two months here back in the States. The time sure has gone by very quickly since our last prayer letter. We are so thankful for the Lord’s safety, guidance and protection over the last couple of months and readjusting to living stateside.

During this time we have been able to witness to people in both Illinois and Indiana. We have had the opportunity to report and share what the Lord has allowed us to accomplish over the past two and a half years while we were in Romania. During this time we have had the opportunity to catch up and reconnect with family and friends.

As I had shared in our last prayer letter, we were coming stateside to have my thyroid checked on as well as our overall health. Karie got a great report on her health as well as on her eyes. Both of our eyes had changed a little bit during this time but nothing to give our Doctor any real concern.

I received my thyroid results at the end of January. The results were not what my wife or I had hoped for. I have struggled since 2001 with a low thyroid and went to Romania with a few months of medication. Once I started getting low we had went to the Doctor there and she prescribed a different medicine for me. Both Karie and I saw drastic differences in this including my health as well as an extreme weight loss of 98 pounds while in Romania.

The Doctor mistakenly in Romania put me on the wrong kind of medication which jump started my thyroid in an aggressive form that caused my thyroid to go into high mode. This resulted in heart rate aggressiveness and pounding. I had shared on Facebook a little over a year ago that the country had sold all thyroid medication to western Europe. So I ended up being without any medication due to this along with the Covid problems of the country for right at a year. I was able to locate thyroid medication once in Constanta however it was the wrong dosage.

During that time of not being on the right medication and ultimately without it, this tore up my circulatory system. When my Doctor here saw that my thyroid was completely out of whack she then had me take a CRP test. This number must be between 0-100. Anything over 100 is dangerous and over 120 is life threatening. My number is 158.

With getting this news it was our hope things would improve in the six months we were stateside for us to return refreshed and ready to go back to Romania stronger than ever. However, I spoke with my Doctor and she has strongly recommended us not to go back to Romania. She clearly said that I would be dead without proper care and medication within a year.

This is exactly how my Mom died at the age of 44. She had high thyroid and it led to a massive heart attack that took her life. With being 43 years of age I am at the same exact risks that my  Mom was at according to my Doctor. Therefore my Pastor and I have been in several conversations on this. I have sought a multitude of counselors that included five Pastors and one veteran missionary. All of these men have more years in the ministry than I do and have much wisdom.

After speaking with my Doctor, my Pastor on seven different occasions, this multitude of counselors, my dear precious wife and hours of prayer before the Lord we believe that the Lord has clearly shut the door for us to return to Romania.

However the good news is, “For the gifts and callings of God are without repentance.” Romans 11:29 . The good news is that the Lord has called us as Church Planting Missionaries and this has not changed. While the location has, I am so thankful as is Karie that the Lord has placed in our hearts to continue to be Church Planting Missionaries. Other than the location nothing else has changed. Our sending Church and Pastor is completely behind us and look forward to how the Lord continues to bless us in His Service.

We will continue to be sent out of Shepardsville Baptist Church as Church Planting Missionaries here in America. We will be planting Churches here in the Wabash Valley. The Wabash Valley is located on the Illinois/Indiana state line 3 hours south of Chicago and an hour west of Indianapolis. Terre Haute is known as the Queen City of the Wabash Valley.

In the Wabash Valley we have seen the tragic losses of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Dennison, Illinois and Tennessee Valley Baptist Church right off of Highway 63 just north of Clinton, Indiana. There are many other struggling Churches in the area and it is our prayers that the Lord will bring revival to His people in the Wabash Valley along with opening the eyes  of the lost to their spiritual condition.

Over these next couple of months we have continued meetings scheduled in both Illinois and Indiana. During this time my Pastor and I are looking for the exact spot here in the Wabash Valley that a Church can be planted.

We ask continued prayers for our health especially my thyroid and the healing of my circulatory system. The stress the thyroid problems put on it is severe. However I believe through the power of prayer this can be healed as well as with the medication. With not being able to get medicine in the country of Romania we knew we had a very hard decision to be made.

We ask prayers for wisdom as we reach this area as Illiana Church Planting Missionaries. This area needs the Lord. We desire to reach out to the children here in the Wabash Valley with a special midweek service. Many of the children here in the Wabash Valley come from broken homes. The Lord can put these homes back together. Someone must reach them and the Lord has called us for such a time as this. We also desire to reach souls that are in addictions and destroying themselves. It is our prayer that the Lord will allow us to start either Reformers Unanimoius or The Hope Ministry to help reach these who have been thrown away by the enemy. I have seen the Lord put people’s lives back together where it seemed as if there was no hope. Without Christ there is no hope. I am thankful we have this Hope.

Please feel free to reach out to me at the information below if you have any questions. Thank you to each of you that support us in prayer and in finance. I look forward to the eternal fruit the Lord allows us to reach out to in these upcoming days. We love each of you.


Your Missionaries to the Wabash Valley,

Rick & Karie Beauchamp




Contact Information: Rick Beauchamp – 217-251-7750 – Email: – Facebook, Signal, Text

Sending Church: Shepardsville Baptist Church * P.O. Box 68 * Shepardsville, IN 47880 * Pastor Brad Potter